A camcorder is a portable electronic device (generally a digital camera) for recording video images and audio onto a storage device. The camcorder contains both camera and recorder in one unit, hence its portmanteau name. This compares to previous technology where they would be separate. Camcorder"

The Canon GL2 is Canon's lower-end 3CCD Standard Definition camcorder. Like the higher-end Canon XL-2, the camera is designed for the prosumer market. The GL2 sports several picture-adjustment features carried over from the Canon XL-1S. Canon GL-2"

The MVX250i (as it is known in Europe), or the Elura 70 (as it is known in North America), is a digital video camera manufactured under the Canon brand. One of its features is an optional aspect ratio of 16:9. Canon MVX250i"

The Canon XL-1s is a 3CCD Standard Definition Digital Video camcorder made. The camera is designed for the prosumer market, and was very popular with independent filmmakers. The XL-1s is the follow-up camera to the XL1. Canon XL-1s"