Computer animation

DreamWorks Animation SKG, Inc. is an American producer of animated films and television series. Previously a division of DreamWorks SKG, it was spun-off into a separate company in , but its content is still distributed by DreamWorks SKG, which in turn is distributed by Paramount Pictures and is partially owned by Electronic Arts. The animation studios is based in Redwood City, California in the Silicon Valley region. DreamWorks Animation"

Rhythm & Hues Studios is an Academy Award winning Visual effects studio, founded in 1987 by six former employees of Robert Abel and Associates. The company is located in Los Angeles, California and is perhaps best known for its computer generated 3D character animation. Rhythm and Hues Studios"

A technique in computer animation, particularly the animation of vertebrates, where a character is represented in two parts: a surface representation used to draw the character (called the skin) and a hierarchical set of bones used for animation only (called the skeleton). Skeletal animation"

Software Visualization is concerned with the static or animated 2-D or 3-D (Marcus et al., ) visual representation of information about software systems based on their structure (Staples & Bieman, 1999), size (Lanza, ), history (Lopez et al., ), or behavior (Stasko et al., 1997). Typically, the information used for visualization is software metric data from measurement activities. Visualization is inherently not a method for software quality assurance but can be used to manually discover anomalies similar to the process of visual data mining. Software visualization"