Enhanced CDs

...Baby One More Time is the debut album from American pop singer Britney Spears. It was released on January 12, 1999, in the U.S. and was principally produced by Max Martin and Rami (and was largely composed by the former). The title track, which is her most successful single to date, is generally considered Spears' signature song. Although she herself had very minimal artistic input with this record, it is her best-selling album both in the U.S. and internationally and propelled the then-seventeen-year-old to superstardom during the year of its release. ...Baby One More Time"

504 Hrs is the debut EP by British alternative band Aconite Thrill. It contains an enhanced portion that, when loaded on to a computer, plays the video for Electronic Random Number Indicator Equipment. 504 Hrs"

A Bum Note and a Bead of Sweat is the title of a live album by Baboon. It was released on Last Beat Records and re-released later that year on The Orchard. The album was recorded live to 16-track at two shows in early 2000. A Bum Note and a Bead of Sweat"

A Hangover You Don't Deserve is the fifth album by Bowling for Soup. It was released on September 14, . The first single, "1985", quickly became a Top 40 staple, peaking at #5 on Billboard's Adult Top 40 chart. Never a fan of the empty track, Bowling packed this album with a whopping 25 before yielding a live, drunk "Ohio" and a boy-band inspired recut of "Belgium". A Hangover You Don't Deserve"

Alexisonfire is the first album released by the hardcore punk band Alexisonfire. Alexisonfire (album)"

Billy Talent is the debut album of Canadian punk band Billy Talent. Billy Talent (album)"

| This album = Bleed Like Me
( ) Bleed Like Me"

(Blink-182 (album)) Assistant Engineers Blink-182 (album)"

Calling Your Name is the debut album by singer/songwriter Azure Flame, first released on July 5, . Calling Your Name"

Catalyst is the fourth studio album by New Found Glory. It was released on May 18 and certified gold by the RIAA on August 18 . Catalyst (album)"

Chuck is an album by Sum 41. The album was released on October 12, . Chuck (album)"

Clarity is the third album by Jimmy Eat World. As with their previous album, Static Prevails, this CD was produced by both Mark Trombino and Jimmy Eat World themselves. Clarity (album)"

Composure is the first full-length album by Waking Ashland, released on May 10 by Tooth & Nail Records. Composure"

Conspiracy of One is an album released by The Offspring on November 14, 2000. It is an Enhanced CD and contains the karaoke videos of "Original Prankster" and "One Fine Day", and the previous MTV music videos from Americana. Conspiracy of One"

Crazy Frog Presents Crazy Hits is an album by the Crazy Frog, released on July 25, . It is a collection of songs mixed with the Crazy Frog ringtone, including " Axel F" and " Popcorn". It debuted at #1 on the New Zealand Top 40 Album Chart, but only reached #5 on the UK Albums Chart, #18 in Australia, and #19 on the US Billboard 200 Albums Chart. Crazy Frog Presents Crazy Hits"

Crimson is a thirteen-song album by the Alkaline Trio. It was released on May 23rd, internationally and a day later in the United States on Vagrant Records and is produced by Jerry Finn. When the CD is inserted into a PC or Mac, the audio tracks do not appear, only a "making of" video called "Deep Red". The first single from the album is the opening track, "Time to Waste". Crimson (Alkaline Trio album)"

Crimson (Special Edition) is a 2 disc twenty-three song album by Alkaline Trio. It was released on Novmber 28rd, on Vagrant Records. The second disc has 13 rare demos, acoustic versions and 2 videos. Crimson (Special Edition)"

Deftones is the Deftones' self-titled fourth album. It was released in through Maverick Records. Deftones (album)"

Disconnection Notice is the fifth official album by Goldfinger. It was released on February 15, . Disconnection Notice"