Film scenes

Anatomy of a Scene is a television series produced by and aired regularly on Sundance Channel since. As a tagline for the series notes, each 30-minute episode "dissects the art of filmmaking" of a scene from a specific film, often a film previously showcased at a Sundance Film Festival. Anatomy of a Scene"

A term for a large spliff (or the pattern of papers for that spliff). The Camberwell carrot was fictionally "invented in Camberwell and looks like a carrot". It originates from a memorable scene in the 1987 cult film film Withnail and I, but has become a British slang term which refers to an apparently unsmokeably large cannabis joint the size of a carrot. Camberwell is a place in London. Camberwell carrot"

"Redrum" is the word " murder" spelled backwards. It was used in The Shining by Stephen King and in both of the films based on the book. Redrum"

"Romani ite domum" is Latin for "Romans go home!". It appears in a sketch in the film Monty Python's Life of Brian. John Cleese plays a centurion who finds Brian, the unwilling Messiah writing anti- Roman slogans on the walls of the Governor's Palace in Jerusalem under cover of darkness as an initiation ritual into the People's Front of Judea, a somewhat ineffective anti-Roman terrorist group. When the Centurion encounters Brian, Brian is terrified; he clearly expects to be killed on the spot. The Centurion instead corrects Brian's incorrect Latin grammar. Romani ite domum"

In TV and movies a scene is a part of the action in a single location. Due to the ability to edit recorded visual works, it is typically much shorter than a scene in theater. Scene (film)"

"We ain't got no badges" is probably one of the most frequently quoted, misquoted and parodied movie quotations in history. It was chosen recently as #36 on the American Film Institute list, AFI's 100 Years... 100 Movie Quotes. Stinking badges"